My Kids and My Training

Welcome to Mikal Abdullah’s LIFE in blog-format!  I really enjoy feedback and constructive criticism so please feel free to let me know any improvements in formats that you want to see or subjects/experiences that you want time to cover. My Kids
Today is one of my Kids BJJ classes!  I have been teaching this group of kids aged 4-12 for the last few months.  I was initially apprehensive about taking on this project but it has turned out to be a GIFT!  What started out as a largely undisciplined bunch of kids has now become a TEAM of students working together-for the most part-to learn, share, and enjoy the benefits of our “Arte Suave”, BJJ.  After a several months of going over fundamentals and weaning them off of games we are finally “rolling”/sparring.  I have seen some guard passing issues so plan on going over that with them today!  I’ll keep you all posted on which passes and what level of success I have with them.My Training
I have been really trying to refocus on fundamentals like pressure and principles of control for the last couple of weeks.  I have a private lesson with 2nd Degree Blackbelt, Sean Cooper tomorrow and want to try out some of my new techniques so that I can be prepared with questions on improvements to be made.  I’ll keep you posted on the private lesson.  Sean never fails to impress!

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