My Kids and My Training

Welcome to Mikal Abdullah’s LIFE in blog-format!  I really enjoy feedback and constructive criticism so please feel free to let me know any improvements in formats that you want to see or subjects/experiences that you want time to cover. My Kids
Today is one of my Kids BJJ classes!  I have been teaching this group of kids aged 4-12 for the last few months.  I was initially apprehensive about taking on this project but it has turned out to be a GIFT!  What started out as a largely undisciplined bunch of kids has now become a TEAM of students working together-for the most part-to learn, share, and enjoy the benefits of our “Arte Suave”, BJJ.  After a several months of going over fundamentals and weaning them off of games we are finally “rolling”/sparring.  I have seen some guard passing issues so plan on going over that with them today!  I’ll keep you all posted on which passes and what level of success I have with them.My Training
I have been really trying to refocus on fundamentals like pressure and principles of control for the last couple of weeks.  I have a private lesson with 2nd Degree Blackbelt, Sean Cooper tomorrow and want to try out some of my new techniques so that I can be prepared with questions on improvements to be made.  I’ll keep you posted on the private lesson.  Sean never fails to impress!


After receiving his honorable discharge from the US Army Mikal Abdullah spent time travelling the globe and training in a multitude of different martial arts as before recommitting himself to his core passion, grappling-where he is a state and national champion. He has also spent time as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and currently provides private lessons in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as he continues to compete on a national level.

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